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The Fanciest Thanksgiving Cooking Gadgets

A cooked turkey on a table for Thanksgiving

Who doesn’t love to think their holiday cooking beats the rest of the bunch? If you’re ready to take your Thanksgiving dinner to the next level and impress your guests, these fancy cooking gadgets are a must-have. If it eases the process, all while improving the finished product, it’s worth giving a try! 

Three Tiered Oven Rack

With this helpful item, your casserole dishes will never have to wait in line again! Just place the rack on the provided rack inside of the oven to maximize your roasting and baking tasks. It also folds flat for storage, which is great for when you’re not entertaining. 

Vegetable Chopper

Time is truly money when it comes to Thanksgiving cooking. Vegetables are a staple in many dishes aside from the holidays, which makes this a practical purchase. Within just a few seconds, an entire onion can be diced. 

Apple Peeler/Corer 

Calling all apple pie baking connoisseurs, this is the gadget for you. This makes skinning a breeze, and works well with pears and potatoes as well! Your apple pie and mashed potatoes will be prepared in half the time, and the price of this sturdy little gadget can’t be beat. 

Fat Skimming Ladle 

This tool is almost as practical as it gets. Every Thanksgiving dinner needs a ladle, so why not invest in one with multiple uses? If you want to remove any fat from soups, stocks or gravies, the bowl has a convenient spout that allows easy removal.  

Immersion Blender

Thoroughly blending flavors and ingredients together in a soup can be tricky. To ensure everything is mixing properly, a handheld electric mixer is a great tool to use. From pureeing soups and sauces, to blending milkshakes and chopping nuts, it does it all.  

There are hundreds of products available to consumers worldwide, so narrowing down to just a few gadgets can be difficult. Some are pricier than others, so do your research beforehand. If you have any questions for the Mr. Electric professionals, give us a call today!