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The Best Smart Home Devices Right Now

Thinking of transitioning to a smart home? Mr. Electric breaks down the best and most-needed smart home devices that you need right now as the tech advances.

As technology advances, the home of the future is finally available today, all at a cost-effective price and with a relatively simple installation. With smart home technology becoming increasingly refined and effective for almost any household, now is the time to look at the best smart home devices so you can begin putting the pieces in place so you can enjoy a home full of convenience.

Smart Thermostat: A smart thermostat isn’t just a pleasant device to automatically regulate your home’s temperature for maximum comfort. Most smart thermostats can help a household save up to 23% annually on their heating and cooling costs. Further, you can adjust smart thermostats with your smartphone, linked tablet, and, depending on the device, your voice. The best part? They’re somewhat easy to install, with just a few screws to remove and wires to hook up. Of course, you can call in Mr. Electric® if you need any assistance.

Smart Plugs: A smart plug can transform any appliance or light into a “smart” appliance. Smart plugs take the form of adapters that connect to the existing plug and allow the appliance or light to access your home’s Wi-Fi. Through an app on your phone or tablet you can then access the plug to automate lighting, remotely turn devices on and off, and monitor their energy use. The smart plug app will show you how long the corresponding devices have been on in your home. That said, not all smart plugs are created equal, so make sure you find ones that work with your smart home ecosystem.

Smart Lock: Installing a smart lock to your entrance might seem daunting, but this nifty tech makes it simple for anyone to replace their deadbolt and digitally hand out keys to their trusted neighbors, family, or guests. After roughly a 30-minute setup requiring only a screwdriver, and a few more minutes to install the app, you can invite who you’d like to access your home with a simple text message. The convenience of a smart lock is negligible on your electric bill and the locks aren’t controlled by Wi-Fi like most smart devices, using Bluetooth through smartphones as a controller, instead.

Smart Speaker: One of the best entry-level devices for any smart home is the smart speaker. Depending on your smart home ecosystem, most speakers will control other smart devices around the home like a smart thermostat, but most consumers are introduced to the smart speaker as a sort-of digital assistant. Being able to use voice commands to get music, news and weather reports, control your TV, or receive help in the kitchen with recipe reciting and timer setting makes a smart speaker a game changer for many. They truly offer a level of convenience that has to be experienced and lived-with to be believed. Some smart speakers are better than others, however, and the features vary widely. But all will also offer a convenient means of controlling your smart home.

A Smart Home Energy Monitor: With a smart home energy monitor you can monitor your energy usage in real-time, and depending on your device and smart plug setup, even check to see which appliances are draining pointless energy and adding to your electric bill. For those who are investing in residential solar, many monitors are coming out that can track your solar array’s daily capture of energy. Installing a home energy monitor does require connection to the home circuit breaker, so consulting a licensed electrician like Mr. Electric is recommended.

Smart Home Installation Services

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