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Blogs in October 2019

Smart Home Innovations

Technology makes our lives easier. And nothing encompasses that statement more than Smart Home technology. In today’s world, a homeowner can control their thermostats, their security cameras, their lights, their...Continue Reading

Halloween, The Low-Key Best Time of Year for Holiday Lights

Sure, we all enjoy the twinkling red and green lights at Christmastime, but orange and purple are where it’s at. Halloween is becoming a popular time for both indoor and outdoor...Continue Reading

Electric fireplaces are a much less expensive alternative to adding a wood-burning fireplace to your home. Electric models provide a significant amount of heat for small spaces, reducing the need to crank up the furnace, thus saving money on your energy bill. Electric fireplaces are indeed a...Continue Reading

How to Get Rid of Static Electricity

Have you ever given someone a handshake and got a surprising “shock” in return? This little zap you sometimes feel when touching someone or something is caused by static electricity. We can carry...Continue Reading